ALEDA, our medical device factory we established in 2014 in the light of our professional experiences and knowledge from 1996 until today, continues its activities with 20 years of sector experience and expert staff, producing Spinal Surgery implants and Orthopedic implants which arthroscopy and trauma implants; With its own brands and besides OEM and OBL manufacturing and selling. Our products are exported to both domestic and international markets with EC certificate, ISO13485, ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificates.


We announce to our customers that we are open to all kinds of production ideas for OEM - OBL with high technology, quality products and optimum price advantages. We are at your side as your solution partner in any production request. You can contact us at


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Çamlıca Mahallesi Anadolu Bulvarı D Kapı No:1 R Blok No: 6 Yenimahalle ANKARA

Phone: +90 312 397 70 41 | Fax: +90 312 397 70 42