ACL-PCL implants

Presized ACL Fixation İmplants

  • 10mm-12mm-15mm-20mm-25mm-30mm-35mm-40mm loop sizes.
  • Designed as femoral fixation for ACL-PCL repairs in knee joints, however for lateral ligament repairs it is designed for both femoral and tibial fixation.
An implant for repairing ligamentous (such as anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments, lateral ligament) ruptures in a knee joint by hanging up the tendon with arthroscopic surgical technique or open surgery. The loop size is prefixed. Four holed button is designed as low profile for minimum bone defect and made of biocompatible titanium (ASTM-F136 Grade 5 ELI) material. The loop section which carries the tendon is continuous and coated by polyester filament. ♯5 UPS UHMWPE sutures are used for seating implant into tunnel and adjusting its loop length. The loop lengths are10mm-12mm-15mm-20mm-25mm-30mm-35mm-40mm.

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