Peek Anchors

  • Knotless suture anchors with diameters 5,8 mm or less
  • A suture hole allowing 4-8 suture lines passing through depending on the anchor diameter
  • Used with UHMWPE sutures according to surgical needs
  • With or withour suture types
  • For repairing

Rotator Cuff Lesions

Bankart Lesions

Slap Lesions

  • For ligament repairs in any part of the body where needed


It is made from biocompatible implantable PEEK (Polyethylene Ether Ketone) material and designed for use with knotless techniques in repair of ligament ruptures during open or closed surgery. The anchors with 5.8 mm diameter or less and are mainly manufactured for Rotator Cuff ruptures, bankart lesions and Slap lesions repairs or fixation of connective tissue to the bones wherever on the body it is needed. The anchor provides excellent adhesion to the bone due to its wide winged circular groove structure. After opening a hole in bone tissue with a diameter 30% less than anchor’s diameter, the tension of the sutures is adjusted according to the surgical needs and then the anchor is hammered into this hole. Depending on the diameter of the anchors, it can be used with 4-8 suture lines passing through suture hole on the anchor. The sutures are compressed between the implant and the bone tissue for fixing the ligament to the bone. It attaches the ligament to the bone without any risk of coming out due to its circular threading and excellent compression, this gives a great confidence to the surgeons. Ergonomically designed disposable driver allows the anchor to be implanted easily into the bone.

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