Soft Anchors 1,8 mm

  • With 1,8 mm diameter.
  • Made of UHMWPE surgical suture only
  • For repairing

Bankart Lesions

Slap Lesions

  • For ligament repairs in hand surgery
  • For ligament repairs in any part of the body where needed
Designed to be used in open or closed surgeries for repairing shoulder joint ligament raptures. It is made up of only UHMWPE surgical sutures, and contains no other implant materials like metal, peek, PLA and PLLA. The anchor’s diameter is 1.8 mm and it is generally applied in slap lesions and bankart ruptures. It is hammered into the hole which is drilled in bone, the implant gets stuck inside by means of shrinking ropes so that a perfect fixation is provided. It is not restricted only shoulder joint operations but meets a lot of ligament repair needs in any part of the body, especially used in hand surgery due to its small diameter.

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