Titanium 5,0mm Anchors

  • A titanium anchor with 5,0 mm diameter
  • Two eyelets on anchor allowing independent suture manipulation
  • Made of #2 UHMWPE surgical suture with needle
  • For repairing Rotator Cuff raptures
  • For ligament repairs in any part of the body where needed
It is made up of biocompatible titanium (ASTM-F136 Grade 5 Eli) and #2 UPS UHMWPE 2 surgical sutures in different colors optionally with/without needles and designed for repairing ligament ruptures during open or close surgeries. It provides surgical assurance without any risk of rupture by having a highly stable surgical suture in accordance to international standards. The anchor’s diameter is 5,0 mm and it is generally used in rotator cuff rupture repairs to fix connective tissue to bone. It provides excellent adhesion to the bone due to its wide threaded structure. Additionally, two eyelets on anchor allow independent suture manipulation. Disposable driver with its ergonomically designed handle allows the anchor to be implanted easily into the bone and limits excess force application risk. It can be removed by using the same driver if needed.

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