Cervical Disc Prothesis

  • Cervical Titanium Disc Prosthesis
  • Monoblock prosthesis in two pieces manufactured by biocompatible ASTM-F136 Grade5 ELI titanium implant material
  • Anatomical, no limitation in cervical movement.
  • Shark fin geometry on the surfaces for maximum holding.
  • H6, H7, H8 three height alternatives
  • Fast, easy and effective implantation by its ergonomic drivers
  • High load carrying capacity by optimized design
It is manufactured from ASTM-F136 Grade5 ELI titanium material as a prosthesis in two pieces allowing patient's neck movements without fusion for cervical surgical indications. Beside special surface pattern, the upper and lower sides are improved by adding shark fins geometry to increase its holding. It provides fast, easy and effective implantation by its ergonomical drivers. There are 3 optional heights (H5, H6, H7). As a moving prosthesis without fusion, it does not disturb patient’s life quality after implantation. It is manufactured by machining on high precision CNC machines. There is no risk of breakage since it is not produced by casting.

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